New Economic Indicator Revealed, which shows that the Recession is finally over

It’s true. The Recession must be over.
I saw the proof with my own eyes earlier this week.

What proof was that?

When people are running short on money, they generally try to save whenever they can. Right?

Taking that concept further, I have found a unique way to test for the effects of a recession.

At Christmas time, people will often decorate the front of their home with Christmas Lights. At least they do in the neighborhoods that I frequent.

I have noted that when the economy is at a stand still, a number of unique human reactions occur:

  • Few people will put up Christmas lights on the front of their homes;
  •  Of those who already have Christmas lights installed, very few will turn them on ;
  •  Of those who turn their Christmas lights on, most will only turn them on starting Dec 24th;
  •  Of those who turned their Christmas lights on, the majority will stop doing so on Dec 26th.

Sure, makes sense. So what’s the proof that the recession is over?

Essentially take the list above and look for the opposite of each point.

Photo of Christmas Tree in Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto. Photo credit

Nathan Phillips Square. Christmas Tree. Photo credit Vincent Banial

I call this the Christmas Lights Economic Indicator (Patent Pending).

Posted by: Vincent Banial

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