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“Festival of Friends” Schedule of Bands which will perform on August 07, 08 & 09th 2015

The Festival of Friends is without a doubt the best Music Festival that I have ever covered. It is held every year, now at the Ancaster Fairgrounds.

The Festival of Friends is not just about Music. It is more like an amazing shorter and smaller version of the CNE. There is a Midway. There are all sorts of really good food vendors. There are halls where things like Automobiles are on display. Of course there is a Beer Garden.

The Main Stage is at the lower end of a small hill. Great line of sight from front to back and from the sides.

Lots of on-site parking, except when one the Bands lands on the cover of Rolling Stone and there is another huge band set to play the same night. I’m thinking about a few years back, when The Sheepdogs were scheduled to play on a Friday night at the Festival of Friends. They had just hit the big time making the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

The festival had more visitors in that one night, than they usually got during all three days. Cars were parked all the way up to Hwy 403. The huge festival parking lots were jammed full.

I was incredibly lucky to have gotten there in the day time, before the madness started. People were flowing in the festival grounds until the bands started started playing. The Security people which take care of the Photogs were all stunned at the massively huge turnout. I heard numbers over 50K, up to around 75K people.

In a perfectly Canadian way, the evening went down without any incident that I was aware of. The fans Rock N Rolled and enjoyed the shows.

The Festival of Friends posted their show schedules earlier this week. Please mark your calendars. This is a Music Festival that is really worth going to. Superbly organized. Safe and Family Friendly. Always an amazing list of bands which will hit the stage at the FOF.

So without further typos from Moi, the following is the latest Festival of Friends Schedule:

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WTFest in Brantford on June 13 & 14. “Big Wreck”, “I Mother Earth”, “The Trews”, Hedley, Lights, USS and 10 other great bands

The first edition of WTFest is being held in Brantford Ontario, on June 13 and June 14. Yes, this weekend.

WTFest band lineup for June 13 and 14th. "Big Wreck", "I Mother Earth", "The Trews", "Hedley", "Lights", "USS

Really nice roster of Bands will perform on Saturday and Sunday: “Big Wreck”, “I Mother Earth”, “The Trews”, Hedley, Lights, USS, Peeler, “The Mohrs”, Gloryhound, “Sons of Revelry, “Ghost Town Orchestra”, “The Ascot Royals”, “Dear Rouge”, Harbour, “Steven ryan” and “Mark Wilson”.

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