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CNE Bandshell Concerts listing for Aug 16 thru to Sep 02 2013

UPDATE Aug 2014 : The list in this post is from 2013. Click on this line to view the CNE Bandshell Concert listing for 2014.

The grande lady is about to return to Toronto. Yes, the CNE is almost here. I was going thru the list of Musicians which will be performing at the Bandshell Stage. Continue reading


The Celtic Rock band MUDMEN release their new CD, titled “Where I came from”.

Photo of Sandy Campbell of the Celtic Rock band MUDMEN

Photo of Sandy Campbell of the Celtic Rock band MUDMEN. Photo courtesy of – ccvic.zenfolio.com

While I was away, I received an email from the Mudmen – Thanks Rob. They have a new CD which is titled “Where I Came From”.

These guys understand that a concert is not just about the music. A good concert is also a visual experience.

The MUDMEN put on great concerts, full of Celtic energy. Check out their website at http://www.mudmen.ca  for ordering info of the new CD.

A list of 2013 tour dates was also in the email. That list will grow, but the following is currently where you can catch the MUDMEN in 2013:

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