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“Kyp Harness” New CD titled “Stoplight Moon” to release on March 22 2016.

Stoplight Moon” the latest album from Canadian Singer Songwriter Kyp Harness will release on Tuesday March 22 2016.

Stoplight Moon” was produced by produced by John Critchley.

Click on this line to visit the official Kyp Harness website.

Set aside the evening of Thurs March 24, to head down to The Dakota for the new CD release starting at 7pm, with Erika Werry and the Alphabet. The Dakota is located 249 Ossington Ave. in Toronto. Entry fee will be $10 per person and $15 per person which includes the new “Stoplight Moon” CD.



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“Start Anew” by Kyp Harness

Theme Song for this week Titled “Start Anew” by Kyp Harness.

Got an email suggesting that I check this artist out. Okay.

The last line in the email spoke about where to get a bio, pics and to download Kyp’s soon to be released album. Fine.

The last word was the password which should be used to D/L the album. Awesome password – you got me hooked.

This artist harkens back to another, “better” age of music. An age where the words in songs created mindscapes and in turn memories. An age when singers had something to share with the world. Now we are left with Hip Hop and Justin Bieber.

We’ll do a proper review of Kyp Harness and his new upcoming album titled “Stoplight Moon“, but I wanted to post about one of his songs whose words hit home this week.

Back to this week. It started at the end of last week and I can’t shake it. Even going to Church,  the local LCBO  (liquor store for those outside of Ontario) as a friend calls it, did nothing.

The lyrics which Kyp Harness has created grab you. There is a song about Politicians and Crooks which  put a smile on my face. Then on YouTube I happened on his song titled “Start Anew“.

Stuff happens for a reason. The mood that I’m in. Finding the song “Start Anew”. Enjoy…

Video is courtesy of the ExclaimTV YouTube channel



Posted by: Vincent Banial