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Thank You Google! Our prior post: Dom Perignon “Cabaret” has made it to the top of Google’s Search Results

As a way of getting my mind to shift to something positive, I try to post about things which our Readers would normally not come across. I love Matt Drudge‘s site called Drudge Report. IMHO, one key to his success is that one does not know what to expect each day when visiting the Drudge Report.

The last couple of posts found here showcase two amazing “Commercials” from Europe. Both are wonderful Works of Art and are true Eye Candy.

I check Google every once in while to see how we are doing. Thank You Google. Your Search Engine Results just changed my State. I’m now sporting a huge smile.


Do a Google search on the following : Dom Perignon “Cabaret”.

Click on this line to view that Google Search.

Google has our post as being the 2nd from the top. Harpers Bazaar is huge and beat us to the top spot. Our post beat out a post on the Wall Street Journal and also on the Fashion Week Daily. It is not easy to get on the front page of Google Search results. To be one of the top three results is something to celebrate.

The other Search engines like Duck Duck Go, Yahoo and Bing may pick up our posts after about a week. Google visits us at least once per day. Thank You again Google, You just changed my day.

Now I have to prepare my Taxes – yea I put it off to the very last minute. Apparently I have utill May 02 2016


Posted by: Vincent Banial

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A special “Thank You” to everyone for spreading the word about “Uniquely Toronto”

Photo of "I Mother Earth" performing at Cosmo Miscifest 2015. Photo credit Vincent Banial

“I Mother Earth” performing at Cosmo Music 2015

I learned long ago that Google is your friend. I do random Google searches to see how this site ends up in the search results.

Doing a Google search for “Festival of Friends“, I found “Uniquely Toronto” near the top of the page. We are just below Reverbnation, which is a massive Internet site. We also made it just above the official “Festival of Friends” Facebook page.

I’m rather surprised, stunned and very Thankful for your help and support.

You folks have helped to spread the word about “Uniquely Toronto“, literally all around the globe.

I’m just one guy who wanted to share his love of Music and Concert Photography. It is you folks who are letting the World know about “Uniquely Toronto” and I again Thank You.

There is no way that some guy from Toronto running a small blog could rank higher in Google Search Results, than really huge internet sites. You folks have helped to make the impossible – surprisingly possible.

I’m stunned, humbled and very grateful. Thank You, Thank You and Thank You…

Vincent Banial, who runs a tiny blog called “Uniquely Toronto“.