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Heavens Fire will be releasing a new album titled “Playing With Fire”

Important Heavens Fire news. JT Harris, Alexis Von Kraven and guests are recording a new album titled “Playing With Fire“. Should be released fairly soon.

Photo of JT Harris guitar player for the band named Heavenes Fire. Photo credit Vincent BanialPhoto credit: Vincent Banial

JT Harris is an amazing Guitarist. He pulls off awesome riffs and makes it look effortless.

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Heavens Fire will be performing at the Regent Concert Theatre in Oshawa and at a later date they will be at the Rockpile in Toronto.

Photo of JT Harris, guitar player in Heaven Fire

JT Harris guitarist in Heaven Fire. Photo credit ccvic.zenfolio.com

Heavens Fire is a Rock Band. I caught their Drummer Alexis Von Kraven, when had performed at the Muhtadi International Drumming Festival. Near the end of his Drumming set, Andy Narsingh (an amazing Bass player) joined Alexis on stage. As did an unreal Guitar player named JT Harris. The three of them form the core of Heavens Fire. Continue reading