Heavens Fire will be performing at the Regent Concert Theatre in Oshawa and at a later date they will be at the Rockpile in Toronto.

Photo of JT Harris, guitar player in Heaven Fire

JT Harris guitarist in Heaven Fire. Photo credit ccvic.zenfolio.com

Heavens Fire is a Rock Band. I caught their Drummer Alexis Von Kraven, when had performed at the Muhtadi International Drumming Festival. Near the end of his Drumming set, Andy Narsingh (an amazing Bass player) joined Alexis on stage. As did an unreal Guitar player named JT Harris. The three of them form the core of Heavens Fire.

Heavens Fire was at one time called ARSIN. You can read the article about the band on Last FM by clicking on the following link:
Heavens Fire wiki
After reading that article, I could relate to what JT Harris had gone thru. It’s pretty amazing for him to come out of such an experience and still remain positive.

The band will play a couple of concerts in the GTA area. The first concert is this Saturday (Jun 22) at the Regent  Theater. The Regent is located in Oshawa Ontario at 50 King St East. Heavens Fire will be playing with Sandman. You can order tickets and get more info by clicking the following link:
Regent Theatre Tickets

Photo of Andy Narsingh, Bass player for Heavens Fire

Andy Narsingh of Heavens Fire. Photo credit ccvic.zenfolio.com

The 2nd concert will be on Friday July 12, starting at 8pm at The Rockpile Nightclub. Also on the bill will be Harem Scarem. There is 3rd band which also play, which I believe will be Warmachine. Click on the following link to get more info:
Rockpile Nightclub

Photo of Alexis Von Kraven, drummer in Heavens Fire.

Alexis Von Kraven of Heavens Fire. Photo credit ccvic.zenfolio.com

Checkout Heavens Fire on Facebook by clicking on the following:
Heavens Fire Facebook page

You can listen to some Heavens Fire tunes on their official Reverbnation site by clicking the following link:
Heavens Fire on Reverbnation