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Coachella 2017 coming April 14 to 16 and April 21 to 23

Posted by Vincent Banial

Coachella is just around the corner. Mark April 14 to 16 and April 21 to 23 as being your Coachella days.

Last year Gus N’ Roses played at Coachella. Joe Walsh made a surprise appearance (was a fun set). This year Radiohead,   Lady Gaga,   Kendrick Lamar will be there, along with tons of other Bands and Musicians.

Photo courtesy of Coachella

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For those who just are unable to make it to Coachella, last year they Live Streamed Coachella 2016 sets on YouTube. Hopefully the same will happen this year.

It was cool to see that Arkells was in the lineup. They hail from Hamilton, Ontario. I was also surprised to see Toots and the Maytals on the Coachella Lineup


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Old Rockers stole the show at Coachella 2016 – the festival for Millenials

Forget the EDM artists. Forget the profanity filled Hip Hoppers like Ice Cube.

Old Rockers took over Coachella 2016 on April 16.

Joe Walsh of the Eagles went onstage joining The Arcs, but it does not end there. Remember the “James Gang“? That was the first band where Joe Walsh played guitar and vocals. Well Glenn Schwartz also played guitar in the James Gang. Glenn joined Joe Walsh on stage with the The Arcs.  Three amazing guitarists on one stage: Dan Auerbach, Joe Walsh and Glenn Schawrtz.

The Damned put on an awesome set.

Guns N’ Roses closed the April 16 Coachella lineup. Then Angus Young of AC/DC joined Axl Rose and company on stage. Together they performed the AC/DC classic “Whole Lot of Rosie”.

Note to Millenials – Rock N Roll is here to stay. Ten years from now will you remember Ice Cube or any of the EDM artists who performed at Coachella 2016? Bet ya, that you will remember the Guns N’ Roses set at Coachella 2016...


Posted by: Vincent Banial

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Joe Walsh is at Coachella right now performing with “The Arcs”


That should switch to

Then pick channel 2. The channels are live streams – Thank You Google

Yep, Joe Walsh is on stage performing with The Arcs

Glenn Schwartz, his fellow Guitarist from the band called the James Gang, has also come on stage.


Coachella April 15th to 17th performances to be Live Streamed by YouTube starting at 6:30pm on Apil 15th. Thank You Goggle !

Thanks to Google, YouTube will be Live Streaming Coachella performances starting at 6:30pm EST on April 15 2016. Which ones and other details are still being worked on apparently.

Here is hoping that they will Live Stream the Guns N’ Roses Coachella concert. If they don’t Live Stream the complete concert then apparently they will have highlights footage and images. Again Thank You Google – great idea for those who could never make it to attend Coachella. Check YouTube

Plse click on this line to view the post on the International Business Times website titled: “

Coachella 2016 live stream: How and where to watch the performances

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Stream Coachella performances live on YouTube this weekend

Coachella 2016 Live Webcast Channel 1

Coachella 2016 Live Webcast Channel 2

Coachella 2016 Live Webcast Channel 3



Posted by: Vincent Banial

Disclaimer: Any Trademarks mentioned in this post are owned by the respective Trademark owner.