Coachella April 15th to 17th performances to be Live Streamed by YouTube starting at 6:30pm on Apil 15th. Thank You Goggle !

Thanks to Google, YouTube will be Live Streaming Coachella performances starting at 6:30pm EST on April 15 2016. Which ones and other details are still being worked on apparently.

Here is hoping that they will Live Stream the Guns N’ Roses Coachella concert. If they don’t Live Stream the complete concert then apparently they will have highlights footage and images. Again Thank You Google – great idea for those who could never make it to attend Coachella. Check YouTube

Plse click on this line to view the post on the International Business Times website titled: “

Coachella 2016 live stream: How and where to watch the performances

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Stream Coachella performances live on YouTube this weekend

Coachella 2016 Live Webcast Channel 1

Coachella 2016 Live Webcast Channel 2

Coachella 2016 Live Webcast Channel 3



Posted by: Vincent Banial

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