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Gregg Braden talk at the “2012 – Gateway to Your Future Conference” held at Convocation Hall, University of Toronto, Canada – Oct 2011

Gregg Braden has a science and engineering background. His resume includes high level positions at Cisco Systems and programming Nuclear Missiles. He is also a best Selling Author.

I was amazed at the topics which he touched on. A great presenter. This was a live 2 hours presentation and he did not need any notes.

One part which fascinated me is that Greg Braden discussed Peer Reviewed Scientific Proof that Global Warming is Cyclical. Also that the Warming started way before the concentrations of CO/2 gas increase in the atmosphere. Yes, there is Global Warming. It is cyclical and “not Man Made”. Sure mankind may be helping it, but Mankind did “not cause it“.

He also goes into human ancestors. Humans are not genetically related to Neanderthals. Human DNA and Neanderthal DNA are very different. We are different species, and “NOT” related. That was an eye opener. He provides Peer Reviewed proof, that somehow is not making it into our Educational Systems.

Video is courtesy of the Bob Loblaw YouTube channel

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