Cisco Talos Security Webinar

Participated in the Cisco Talos Security Webinar on Wednesday.

Last year I had posted about Kaspersky Lab reporting about a Bank exploit, where Russian Banks were targeted. Basically the Hackers were able to get Bank Accounting Staff to connect to a site where a keylogger and other Trojan Remote Control software was secretly uploaded and installed into “system RAM“, but not onto the Hard Disk or Network Storage. That allowed their remote control software (called Lurk) to be overlooked by Security Software, because Security Software usually scans stored files and not RAM. Once installed, the hackers could monitor the employees. When the employee went for lunch, they took over the PC and started to transfer funds around the world.

Video is courtesy of the DewClarke YouTube Channel

Earlier this year, Russian Authorities had arrested over 50 alleged Hackers who were alleged to be part of the group which targeted and Hacked into the Banks. The investigation into this group’s activities had been ongoing for years (at least since 2013). The Cisco Talos Security Webinar discussed the arrests and the aftermath. Cisco’s research seems to indicate that the same group was involved in other Internet Exploits. One of which was the Angler Ransomware.

Since the Russian arrests, certain malware has disappeared, along with certain DarkNet sites and BotNets. The Russian Authorities made the Internet a tad safer, at least for a short while.

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Posted by: Vincent Banial

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