Dropbox Mega-Breach confirmed.

Over 60 million email addresses and passwords were hacked from Dropbox years ago. That data is floating around the folks on DarkNet. It is older and apparently not being marketed, yet some hacker have it. Even though the breach happened years back, the data still has value. People often rarely change their password. Similar Mega Breach data from prior breaches at LinkdIn and Tumblr, was being bought, sold and traded on DarkNet markets.

Click on this Link to visit the Motherboard site to read their post about Hackers stealing account data on tens of millions Dropbox users.

Click on this Link to visit Troy Hunt’s site. He was sent the hacked data from a supporter of “Have I Been Pwned?” site. Troy then found his own account data and also his wife’s account data and proceeded to confirm that the Dropbox Mega-Breach was real.

Video courtesy of the Fox Business YouTube channel

Click on this Link to visit theguardian newspaper website to read their post titled “Dropbox hack leads to leaking of 68m user passwords on the internet

Change your passwords often.
Use random numbers, letters and special characters,
for greater security.

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Posted by: Vincent Banial

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