Balmuda Toaster $414.60 US via Yes they have stock.

The Balmuda Toaster is made in Japan.Years back the Japanese learned to be innovative. At one time Radios and Televisions were produced in the USA. The Japanese created better, more functional and easier to use products. Today, you will not find a USA made Television in any America home.

The Balumda Toaster is another example of Japanese innovation. There is a three month waiting list at Japanese retailers, who sell this item. Why? Because it is likely the best Toaster available.

The Balmuda Toaster uses both Steam and Low heat, which does not dry out the item being toasted. Then at the very end the heat is raised to crispen the outer surface.

In Japan they do not sell the pop-up variety of Toasters. Their Toasters lay flat and have a door and trays. That makes more sense since it makes it easier to clean.

By using Steam while toasting an item on low heat the item comes out smelling and tasting like it just came out of Bakers oven.

I was surprised (ok maybe not) that one could acquire one via Amazon is the best thing that ever happened to retail. Great product variety. Great prices. A trusted retailer. The Balmuda Toaster is being sold by ORIDURU from JAPAN via Shipping is apparently free. ORIDURU from JAPAN has a 100% positive rating from past purchasers.

The price is not cheap. But then this apparently sells for 22,900 YEN which is a huge amount for a Toaster, even in Japan. Yet their production is sold out. In Japan, one would have to wait 3 month to get one.

So the price at is $414.60 US for the Black coloured model,  as of today (subject to change without notice by Amazon). Yes they have stock. My suggestion would be to grab one, your morning toasted Bagel or Croissant will taste like you just brought it home fresh from a Bake Shop.

Click on this Link to visit to visit their page for the Balmuda Toaster.

Click on this Link to visit the officlal manufacturers website, in Japan,  of the Balmuda Toaster

Click on this Link to visit the Gurashii website to read their review of the Balmuda Toaster.

Posted by: Vincent Banial

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