Really nice Indian Motorcycle in Woodbridge on July 11 2016

I had something to do in Woodbridge, so I figured that I would drop by the Back Alley Cruisers Woodbridge Car Meet.

Last year, I went and shot the opening day for the 2015 season. This years could not make it.

I shot some of the cars. There are always a few Bikers who bring down some amazing machines. I checked the bikes out and started taking pics. Someone approached me with their hand extended.

It blew my mind, as he knew my name. He mentioned my shooting at La Paloma. It’s been years since I dropped by La Paloma. That was back when I was trading equities and used to hang out on the Ferrari Chat board.


Photo of a classic Indian Motorcycle in Woodbridge Ontario. Photo Credict Vincent Banial

I had been down to La Paolma shooting Ferraris and Lambos, when I spotted two Motorcycles, parked side by side. One was an Indian and the other a Harley. It was getting dark and I remember loving the way the bikes looked. They had a glow. So I started taking photos.

Next thing I know the owners yell to me, asking what I’m doing. They were ready to leave. So I asked them if I could takes shots of them on the Motorcycles. I normally do not shoot people – model releases etc. They agreed. I snagged a few shots. A couple pics turned out really nice. The early evening and their headlights. Overhead lights hit the edges of their machines. It all combined to create an atmosphere in the photos.

I posted them on the old CLiK CLiK Vic zenfolio website. They liked the pics and asked for a larger size to enlarge it, and put it up in a repair shop.

This was years ago. One those guys was in Woodbridge tonight. He was the guy who came up to me. I was standing there trying figure out how it was that he knew me. I remember that evening at La Paloma. That Harley and Indian looked great. I’ll have to dig up the pics and post them on this site.

Anyhow, the fellow brought a classic Indian Motorcycle to Woodbridge tonight. His girlfriend was riding a Triumph. Nice folks.

So I shot the Classic Indian and did a quick conversion using the internet PC. I will probably do the car pics on the PC dedicated to Photoshop – maybe on the weekend.

Photo of a classic Indian Motorcycle in Woodbridge Ontario. Photo Credict Vincent Banial

I brought the Nikon D7000 with me to Woodbridge. Yes, the one which had been giving me soft pics. I had tried some new setting. These two pics look fine.

I now wonder if the issue might be the Raw Converter. I downloaded Adobe DNG coverter to convert the NIkon NEF files to DNG. I did not use Photoshop for these (it’s on a different PC). I used Zoner Photo Studio to take care of Levels and Curves and sharpening. I did not do any noise reduction. On the Photoshop PC I use a Topaz Plugin for noise reduction. Noise is not an issue with these.

Things turned out great.  I’m glad that I decided to drop by the Car Meet…More Photos later this month.