$2 Million Dollars US for one Dinner for Two. Most expensive meal, but also offers great value.

We’re not talking about a McPick Meal Deal for $5. We’re talking about the most expensive Dining Out experience in the whole world.

Yes $2,000,000.00 for a meal for 2 people. That does not include the “Tip”. Yes, it offers the diners great value.

This would make a perfect evening out for a “Marriage Proposal”,  to your future better half. Think of the memories. Hey, just think of all her jealous friends, when she calls them to tell them of the wonderful evening which you had arranged.

The dinner will take place at Ce’ La Vi, in Singapore.

You and your dining partner will be presented with 10,000 Fresh Roses. Just imagine the look on her face when she is presented with 10,000 Fresh Roses.

The entire meal adventure will take about 8 hours. It includes a helicopter tour of Singapore. A luxury Yacht Cruise. A Roll Royce to transport you and your guest.

Accompanying your meal will be a couple bottles of vintage wine which are over 40 years old. Along with the wine will be Vintage Champagne. After the meal there will be Remy Martin Loius XIII Cognac.

At about midnight, you can get on your knees to propose. Don’t worry about a ring. You future spouse will then be presented with “The Jane Seymour” platinum ring set with a 2.08-carat cushion-cut fancy vivid blue diamond.

That ring alone is valued at $2 Million US. Hey, your future life partner is worth every penny. Just ask her.

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I told you that the $2 Million Dinner for Two offered great value. That rare Blue Diamond ring will never go down in value. The 8 hour of fantasy will in effect be at no charge. That my friends is Real Value.

There is a hitch. You have to apply. Only one dinner for two is available. So your future Mother in Law cannot be invited. I would also not say too much to your future better half. That is until you have been confirmed, as being selected. They could select someone else, so keep quiet about the future surprise.

This great Meal Deal is being put together by Russian diamond behemoth WORLD OF DIAMONDS Group. Click on this Link to visit the World of Diamonds Group website.

To learn more and find out how to get on the list for this Meal Deal you can contact Elena Garbellini, World Of Diamonds Group, +65 9880 5926, asia@worldofdiamonds.tv

This was posted here, because there are regular visitors to Uniquely Toronto who can easily afford this. They might not know about this Dining Opportunity, and we’re always glad to help…

Posted by: Vincent Banial

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