Jack Ma cares about Customers, that is why Alibaba’s 4th quarter profits rose 39 percent.

Jack Ma runs Alibaba and his firm’s fourth-quarter revenue rose 39 percent, beating Wall Street estimates.

There is a reason for Alibaba’s rise and ongoing success and that is because Jack Ma cares about his Customers.

Video courtesy of Investors Archive YouTube channel

For many companies the number one priority is getting the fattest share possible of the customer’s wallet. For many companies it’s about making numbers, not about trying to exceed their customer’s expectations. For many companies, it’s about trying to squeeze every extra penny out of a customer, instead of focusing on helping customers.

Jack Me views are different. Here are some examples:

Focus on your customers. Customers should always be the number one priority. Customers are the one’s who give you the money.

Click on this line to view our prior post of a Jack Ma talk, where he goes into lots of detail about how important Customer Service is. That is I believe to be the key to Alibaba’s growing success.