$450 off on the price of an “LG 43UF6400 – 43” 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV on sale for $599 till May 05 2016

UPDATE May 06Sale has expired (on May 05) and the price has returned back to their normal selling price.

Looking for a new Smart LED TV?

Looking for a sale, to save money?

Just drop by your local Canada Computers store. Till May 05 2016, you will get $450 off the regular low price of the LG  – 43UF6400 43″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. The sale price is listed as $599.00.

This is a 4K TV, meaning it has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. That is four times the resolution of a Full HD TV.

This LG 4K Smart LED TV also uses an IPS LED panel. That means that the view will be clear to everyone in the room, not just the person in the centre (as would happen with a TN panel).

An IPS screen will also display better colour clarity, compared to a TN panel.

If you will be watching sports then look for a higher refresh rate than 60hz. This LG43UF6400 has a refresh rate which is double 60hz, which means 120HZ. The higher the refresh rate the smoother any movement on the screen and sports usually will have lots of movement on the screen.

This LG 4K Smart LED TV has 2 HDMI inputs.

Click on this line to visit the Canada Computers website to view this sale on the LG43UF6400 4K Smart LED TV.

Click on this line to visit the official LG website to get more specs on this TV.

Remember that the $450 saving ends on May 05 2016. Quantities may also be limited, so check store stock levels.

Click on this to read actual User Reviews (on Amazon.com) of this great LG 4K Smart LED TV.

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