Why no one wants you to succeed.

Hopeless Hannah

Not a day goes by that I do not look on some form of social media and see a big, bold ‘Quote of the Day’ beaming back at me, full of hope and promise. It’s usually along the lines of:

“Seize every moment.”

“Follow your dreams

Take chances others will not.”

These quotes are likely to be encircling a picture of a fist-pumping baby, or a cat which will not let go of the branch. The whole thing, I assume, is meant to give us the last bit of support we need to follow our dreams.

However, when I recently left work to write (hopefully full time)  instead of getting a slap on the back and “you go gett’em girl“, which the land of social media had been promising me all along, I got a whole heap of digging questions:

“What, so you…OK… how are…

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