If the Cancerous Tumor can be reached by thin optic fibers then this minimally invasive procedure could be an effective way to treat said Tumor

Getting any form of cancer can be life changing. The medical procedures used to eliminate the Cancer can also have life changing side effects.

Removing a Cancerous Prostate is one present way to deal with Colon Cancer.

There is a novel new procedure which has already been approved for use in Mexico. It may soon be approved for use in Europe.

The key part is that the procedure is minimally invasive. If the Cancerous Tumor can be reached by thin optic fibers then this procedure could be an effective way to treat said Tumor. The thin optic fiber is needed to direct the Laser light at the Tumor. “Laser light activation of an intravenous infusion of Tookad Soluble releases short-lived toxic oxygen and nitric oxide radicals that destroy the Cancer tumor’s blood vessels and thereby kill the tumorous cells”. The Tookad Soluble drug is eliminated from the body in less than 6 hours. Without the Laser Light activation the Tookad Soluble has no effect on other cells or organ. Ultra Sound is used to feed and direct the Optic Fibres into the patients body.

This new technology was developed by the Yeda Research and Development Company, of the Weizmann Institute in collaboration with Steba Biotech of Luxembourg. Steba Biotech received the license for Tookad Soluble from Yeda Research and Development Company.

Since this procedure can target Cancer Tumors where a Fibre Optic strand could reach the tumor, then the door may be open to treat many other forms of Cancer. More research and Clinical Studies are underway.

Click on this line to read much more detail about using Tookad Soluble activation via Laser Light to target Cancer Tumors.

Click on this line to visit the Times Of Israel news website to read their article on this procedure first developed by the Weizmann Institute.



Posted by: Vincent Banial

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