Fender Electric Instrument Co. Factory Tour from the 1950s

This was originally filmed in 1959 (and earlier) on 8mm Film by Forrest White. He was a close friend of Leo Fender and worked as the General Manager at the Fender factory.

Video is courtesy of the CinePost YouTube channel.

CinePost did the Digital Film Restoration. Ross Lenenski did the editiing of the final version. Music is played by Music by Russell Eldridge on his year 2000 Stratocaster.

I’ll post another video of the New Fender factory. Back in the 1950s everything was hand made. The body was individually cutout on a bandsaw, guided by an expert set of hands. In the modern Fender factory video eight Stratocaster bodies were cut out by a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Milling machine. A second set of 8 Stratocaster bodies were ready to be machined, as the first set of 8 bodies were inspected.

Forest White has also written a book about early years of Fender Electric Instrument Co. It gives you a behind the scenes look at the beginnings of this historic company and Leo Fender, the man behind it.

Clicking on this line will take you to the Amazon site to order Forest Whites’s book titlted: “Fender: The Inside Story”.

BTW, Leo Fender never learned how to play guitar.

Posted by: Vincent Banial

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