1952 Fender Telecaster Guitar taken into a Pawn Shop

Fender Telecaster guitar  produced in Jan 25 1952 in Mint original condition. That particular guitar was built by Fender Master Guitar Builder Tadeo Gomez . The Guitar has a black pick guard which was used between 1952 thru 1954.

Video is courtesy of the History YouTube channel

The kid in the video brings in the above guitar to a Pawn Shop. Upon inspection a Pawn Shop Guitar Expert states that a Telecaster guitar, of similar vintage as the one brought in, sells for $25,000 to $30,000. Look at the video, this 1952 Fender Telecaster guitar is in original mint condition.

It took not much more than a couple of minutes to find a similar guitar selling retail for over $41,000 US at Denmark Street Guitars. If sold at say a Christie Auction, a 1952 Fender Telecaster guitar in mint condition, I believe could sell for much more.

The kid accepts $13,000. When a Pawn Shop readily offers to give you $13,000 cash for an item, you can rest assured that it is possibly worth a heck of a lot more than $13,000.

I figured this video would well with the prior post of a video of the Fender Guitar factory tour from the 1950s.