Five Key Factors to a Happy & Successful Marriage

I think that this provides sound advice for any relationship, not just marriage.

I especially like the idea that each party in a relationship should be able to spend time apart doing their own thing(s).

The relationship then grows when both parties later share their individual experiences with each other.

Cool post, glad for the opportunity to reblog it.

Vincent Banial

Foreign Sanctuary

You need more than a little 'Love' to make a marriage work You need more than a little ‘Love’ to make a marriage work

**This is the longest blog post I have ever written. It has been written for awhile now and I have been debating whether or not to post it. But, I guess if you are reading it, I hit the publish button!**

Marriage: An Overview

Statistics scream that marriage is hard. It’s true! So many end in divorce these days. Some marriages end because of financial problems, some end because the grass on the other side was far too tempting, and in Taiwan, a lot end because of the in-laws.

And I don’t need to consult the statistics to know that most marriages end in divorce. Three of my friends got married the same year as I did and are now divorced. The first one ended in record time [in less than six months] when they relocated to his…

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