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Five Key Factors to a Happy & Successful Marriage

I think that this provides sound advice for any relationship, not just marriage.

I especially like the idea that each party in a relationship should be able to spend time apart doing their own thing(s).

The relationship then grows when both parties later share their individual experiences with each other.

Cool post, glad for the opportunity to reblog it.

Vincent Banial


A beautiful piece of Cake

" Write and Say it" -Line-


I’am Happy because I know I should be!

My life has been packed of sweet, spicy and sour ingredients.. ..mix all together and will create a tasty life..

A mixture of life that will lead us to a half bake, perfectly cook or ended up to an over cooked journey.

.. We only live once..

Cook your life with enough ingredients of great experiences and  seasonings of hardships so you be cooked to what should you be..

I’am now cooking my life to a beautiful cup cake…

Pouring it with a finest flour of wonderful people, a cup of milk of a sweet love, a pinch of baking soda of pain, a teaspoon of vanilla of failures, mix with butter of courage, a cup of sugar of happiness, dropped eggs of faith, squeeze a lemon of mistakes…


Stirring it with full strength to come up with a finest dough of…

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