CSCO and FEYE breaking out? Setting up an imaginary portfolio to trade

Cisco and FireEye, both trading on Nasdaq, are looking interesting. Maybe breaking out.

For our new imaginary portfolio I will buy 1,000 shares each of CSCO and FEYE on Nasdaq at open on Monday Apr 13. I will use the official “Open” price.

Investing and Trading is something that I’m considering getting back into.

The number 13 is supposedly “unlucky”, so we’ll see how these trades will work out. They both will be swing trades.

I’ll try and post charts tomorrow night. It’s half past midnight (AM) right now on Apr 13 2015

Posted by: Vincent Banial for Uniquely Toronto

Disclaimer: The above is not meant as Financial or Investment advice. I am not a registered Financial or Investment advisor. Do your own Due Diligence. Always seek out the advice from your own Financial and Investment Professionals before placing any bets at the Financial Markets casinos called the Stock Market. You can lose money, possibly all of it, when buying and selling or trading stocks. The above is not a recommendation to buy or sell CSCO or FEYE or any other stock. The above post is for Entertainment purposes only.