Site Update Mar 05 2015

Banner photos now reside on WordPress servers versus pulling them down each time from our CLiK CLiK Vic photo site. Site display should be faster.

Added more Banner photos and they will display in random order.

Cleaned up the Main Menu (that is the black menu just under Uniquely Toronto and tag line). Posts should should be easier to find.

Changed the way I create posts. From now you will have to click on “Continue Reading” to see the full post. This should speed up the site load. Some of the posts were rather long (Medical ones for example). This will also make it easier to scan the site for articles of interest.

Am researching changing over to a “Magazine” style theme. I have gown to really appreciate the present “Blaskan Theme”. Will check if there is a way to increase the layout flexibility of it.

I would like to add more voices to this blog. If you would like to write say a concert or album review for example (or something different) for this site, plse email me. You would retain the copyright over your material, along with getting some great exposure.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support…