Next Suits and Spooks event to be held in London England on May 06 and 07 2015

Suits and Spooks Events are a bit like TED Talks, but focused on Cyber Security issues. From the Suites and Spooks webpage: “Each event draws thought leaders and decision makers from the public, private, defense, law enforcement and intelligence sectors who come to learn about and discuss some of the key security challenges which face our digitally connected nation and world

One unique aspect of the presentations made at Suits and Spooks is that after the first 10 minutes, the Audience can join in by asking questions or directly challenging the presenter. Audience participation resulting in Debate and Discussion is the cornerstone of these events.

The next Suits and Spooks Event will be held in London England on May 6th and 7th 2015.

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Posted by: Vincent Banial for Uniquely Toronto

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