If you’re feeling Powerful and rather Confident, then you will be more likely to Cheat on your spouse

Powerful Men Cheat on their spouses. Powerful Women Cheat on their spouses. Researchers have found that there is a  correlation between the feeling of high confidence and the incidence of infidelity. People holding positions of power have high levels of confidence.

The incident between US President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky comes to mind.

A common assumption is that infidelity by people in powerful positions is due to them being”Risk Takers” and that they are away from their spouses because they travel a lot. Research seems to have proven that not to be the case.

People holding “powerful” positions, have high levels of confidence. One’s level of self-confidence is directly related to your potential for infidelity and your desire to cheat on your spouse. Gender did not matter. Powerful  women cheat just as often as powerful men, but powerful women are less likely to post photos of their private parts on the Internet. For some reason that tends to be a “guy” thing to do.

The above finding was discovered by Joris Lammers of Tilburg University and a team of researchers which was published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science back in 2011 titled: “When It Comes To Infidelity, Does Power Trump Gender?

A new study titled: “Power and Attraction to the Counternormative Aspects of Infidelity“, which was published on Feb 06 2015 in the Journal of Sex Research also confirmed the link between power/confidence and infidelity.

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Posted by: Vincent Banial

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