Awesome George Lucas Quote “you do not want to be oppressed by people who are not as smart as you are and I’m dumb”

Have been under the weather (working in a Freezer caused it – don’t ask), so I’ve taken the last couple of days off. Getting plenty of bed rest. Since I wanted to eat, I figured that I would also check out the internet before hitting the bed again. I found the initial link to on the superb Drudge Report web page.

Visiting the Drudge Report page has become a daily ritual ever since I was Day Trading. Back then the Drudge Report gave me unique insights, which in turn helped me to make some capital gains. Can’t praise that website enough.

Anyhow, did a report from Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival. It quoted some comments made by George Lucas of Industrial Light and Magic and Lucafilm. BTW, George Lucas is also the amazing filmmaker and storyteller who brought the world the Star Wars movies.

Here is the George Lucas quote which impressed me so:

“Studio executives generally are not the most sophisticated people in the world…you do not want to be oppressed by people who are not as smart as you are and I’m dumb”


That is one quote which should also be relayed to everyone doing their MBA. If even a small percentage of MBA Grads took that George Lucas quote to heart, it could change the business landscape going into the future…




Posted by: Vincent Banial

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