Slow down and drive carefully. Massive Highway Pileup during a snowfall

The following is a link to a video of a massive automobile pileup on Highway 41/45 in Germantown, Wisconsin.

Watch the whole video, as the first set of crashes is only the beginning.

1st lesson from this video, is that if you get into a mishap on a Highway, then you must set out road flares to warn other drives.

2nd lesson is that you must also try and move your cars off the highway, if you can safely do so.

Watch the video.

Things went from just a few damaged cars to a major pileup, because vehicles were not pulled off the road and no one had set out Road Flares to warn other drivers.

During Winter driving season always carry a Road Flare kit.

Click on this line to view the carnage on the highway in the Yahoo video.

Sad video, I hope no one was physically hurt.