China achieves a soft landing on Earth’s Moon. Congrats

The USA did it. Russia did it. Now China has achieved a soft landing on Earth’s Moon.

This week China landed their own Moon Rover vehicle on the Moon.

The Rover has left the mothership and has moved around the Moon’s surface. It will now explore the Moon for an extended period of 3 months.

Congrats go out to the people of China. Well done my friends.

China had changed the world with it’s technological production. Say what?

Look inside your desktop computer, laptop and iPad. You will find most of the components are made in mainland China or in Taiwan.

That is not something new. When IBM PC clones started to enter North American homes, most of components came from Taiwan. From that humble beginning, computers are now part of our daily lives.

I see China going to the Moon in the same light. It is a game changer. It is a precursor of the future.

Getting to the Moon is not the big deal. It is the technology which will be developed because of it. Going to the Moon will sprout new technology which will change mankind’s future.

The Apollo program in the US did just that. From making computers smaller, to the IC Chip revolution, to increasing storage capacity of batteries and on and on.

We live in interesting times indeed.

Congrats again go out to our friends the people of China, on their successful soft landing on our Moon. Very well done…