David Deming essay “What if Atlas shrugged”. “Instead of apologizing for the use of fossil fuels, we ought to be damn glad we have them.”

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English: Scientist David Deming testifying before the United States Congress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lewrockwell.com recently posted an interesting David Deming essay titled “What if Atlas Shrugged”. Who is David Deming, you ask? He is a geologist, professor of arts and sciences at the University of Oklahoma, and the author of the series Science and Technology in World History.

Quoting from David Deming’s essay is better than my trying to paraphrase this:

Atlas Shrugged is the title of Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel in which the world grinds to a halt after the productive segment of society goes on strike. Tired of being demonized and exploited, the world’s innovators and entrepreneurs simply walk away.

What would happen to the US today if the fossil fuel industry went on a strike of indefinite duration? What would happen if we gave the environmentalists what they want? Instead of nibbling around the edges, what if we just went all the way? What would be the consequences if Atlas shrugged?

You should read the full David Deming post, by clicking on the following link: What if Atlas shrugged

David Deming makes many excellent points, which are often overlooked when some discuss fossil fuel use. I was also a bit taken back, because the scenario outlined by David Deming is not that much different from my conjecture about the possible aftermath of a high altitude EMP Pulse generated over the middle of the USA.

Last year I had written a post about what could happen if the USA and Canada experienced an EMP Pulse hitting the Power Grid. You can read that Nov 21 post by clicking the following link: EMP or ElectroMagnetic Pulse is the gravest danger facing mankind, but who cares.



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