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Watching a comedy may give us a break from dealing with the Coronavirus crisis 24/7. Might I suggest Watching a few episodes of Seinfeld

We are all going thru some stressful times. I have found that watching a comedy can relieve some of the stress. When life is no longer anything to laugh at, maybe the antics or Cramer and George from the Seinfeld series can make us laugh for at least a brief moment.

Long ago I learned that Google.com is our friend. Google also runs Youtube.com. I have found many full episodes of Seinfeld to be found on Youtube.com

You can find episodes by visiting www.youtube.com and doing a search for Seinfeld.

While doing a Google search on Seinfeld I came across the Canadian TV Channel “CTV” which is making available a couple of Seinfeld episodes and lots of other stuff.

Click on this link to visit the CTV webpage: https://www.ctv.ca/Seinfeld

Well I hope that watching a few episodes of Seinfeld will help take your mind off the worry during this time of Coronavirus crisis. Laughing at a great comedy can help relieve some stress…