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A Pagani Huayra “Gemini Uno” goes Grocery Shopping

You need to buy some groceries. Lucky for you there is a Pagani Huayra “Gemini Uno” sitting in the driveaway, just waiting to be driven to the local Whole Foods grocery store.

Video is courtesy of the Speedracer38 YouTube channel



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Photos of the Auto Exotica which will be at the Canadian International AutoShow

Auto Exotica -web

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Auto Exotica, a fan favourite attraction returns to the Canadian International AutoShow.

The world’s most exclusive automotive brands in the world have made Auto Exotica, presented by Castrol, one of the most popular attractions at the Canadian International AutoShow.

Pfaff Motors

1996 McLaren F1 GTR
Making its debut at a Canadian auto show, this car is a piece of motorsports history. It is the racing version of the McLaren F1 road car, which was for more than 20 years the world’s fastest production car and the first street car with a full carbon fibre chassis. Powered by a spectacular BMW V12, a shade more than 100 McLaren F1s were made. The most recent McLaren F1 sold at auction was a road car that fetched more than $13 million, making this the most expensive car at the 2016 AutoShow. The F1 GTR won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995, and the car coming to Toronto placed third in the endurance race in 1995.


McLaren 570S
The first time a McLaren 570S has been seen at a Canadian auto show, it is at the top of the range. It is the ultimate sports car experience, with unique body styling, including the Sport Aero Pack with new rear diffuser, front splitter and side skirts and an even more driver-focused chassis.

McLaren 650S
Uncompromised design, luxury interior and innovative engineering, the McLaren 650S has pin-up poster looks to match its breathtaking performance. With a 3,400 cc twin turbo V8, it will reach a top speed of 333 kilometres per hour, and will crack 100 km/h in three seconds.


Grand Touring Autos

Bentley GT Speed Convertible
As the fastest Bentley convertible, the new Continental GT speed convertible is a worthy successor. Drive it with the hood down and a new dimension is revealed. You’re no longer an observer of the passing landscape but a part of it, with every aspect of your journey amplified in the open air.
Rolls Royce Wraith
Power, performance, prestige. Wraith is not only the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce ever built, it is also the most powerful. This is a car for the curious, the confident and the bold. Outstanding performance is married with exuberant luxury, all delivered in a style that exudes a sense of glamour and poise. Every aspect of the car’s purposeful design creates an alluring sense of the noir and earns the enigmatic name, Wraith.

Rolls Royce Dawn
Inspired by the iconic Silver Dawn of the 1950s, the DAWN provides the perfect blend of sophistication and true freedom. Infused with a youthful spirit and vivacious energy, this inspiring motor car harnesses an exacting balance of power and possibility that heralds a brand new beginning. The strikingly elegant design of DAWN can transform perfectly to complement its environment. A single touch reveals expansive vistas and a world of infinite opportunities. Awaken your senses and experience what automotive writers worldwide have heralded as the “sexiest Rolls-Royce ever built.” The Dawn will only be at the AutoShow for Media Preview Day on February 11th.


Aston Martin DB9 GT
The Aston Martin DB9 GT is the most elegant expression of a sports gran touerer. Its DNA echoes the iconic DB GT models of its lineage. Enhanced power and subtle new touches highlight its famously seductive styling, making the DB9 GT the ultimate incarnation of DB9. It is the embodiment of faultless form and formidable function, the beating heart of Aston Martin.

Lamborghini Huracan Coupe
In this car, every detail in terms of technology innovation was designed to achieve one, single goal: to make you experience the real fun in driving. Specific driving mode calibration, developed to deliver the most entertaining driving experience. Dedicated steering setup, specific for improved agility.


Range Rover Sport SVR
Range Rover Sport truly justifies the ‘S’ in SUV. Taking the marque to another level, it is the most agile, dynamic and responsive Land Rover ever. Designed and engineered to meet the needs of today, it is equally at home in the city, the back of beyond or powering down to autobahn.

Jaguar F-Type Coupe R
The F-Type offers a range of supercharged engines to suit even the most power hungry. And now, for true sport car purists, an optional manual transmission that gives you more control than ever. Careful, all this power may go to your head.


Ghibli S Q4
The exterior of the Maserati Ghibli S Q4 was envisioned to offer a unique marriage of elegance and sportscar verve, drawing on the best Maserati design tradition. The starting point for its sleek silhouette is the distinctive front end, defined by the prominent Maserati grille with concave vertical fillets. Powered by a 3.0L V6 that pumps out 404 horsepower, this sleek sports sedan is sure to turn heads.

Quattroporte S Q4
An automobile of extreme beauty, the Maserati Quattroporte S Q4 is an all-wheel drive beauty that possesses sleek and dynamic lines. The traditional Maserati grille, with its vertical slats, is a modern take on the GranTurismo’s front grille and those of other Maserati classics from the past. The eye is drawn over the imposing engine hood and new LED daytime-running lights, aesthetic details that reflect an elegant and forward-thinking design. This Quattroporte features exclusive Ermenegildo Zegna specially fashioned interior trim package. Designed in collaboration with the legendary Italian fashion brand, these silk interiors are specially outfitted and woven, much like a fine Italian suit.

GranTurismo MC
The refined design of the Maserati GranTurismo MC represents the ideal synthesis of aerodynamics and style. The marque’s distinctive radiator grill, prominently positioned between two distinctive headlamps, is topped by the long, carbon fiber engine hood with its aggressive central air intake and two side air vents, derived from those used on the race-track prepared GranTurismo MC Trofeo.

Pagani Huayra
Nicknamed “Ella”, the bright blue Pagani Huayra boasts a 730-horsepower hand-built AMG twin turbo V12, but also has the most exquisite custom luggage you will ever see. You may have seen this beauty in the Pfaff Motors cinema commercial, it features all of the latest updates including a new front splitter design.


Porsche 911
This classic Porsche is a Canadian auto show premier of a vehicle restored by Singer Vehicle Design. The Singer brand is a celebration of Porsche’s genius and each restoration begins with a customer’s car and repatriates the 911 chassis of the early ‘90’s with the most beautiful Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche coachwork from 1964. The goal is to preserve a moment in time for the owner and capture a snapshot of the air-cooled period of the Porsche 911. The final restoration, a work of pure craftsmanship, takes more than 4,000 hours to complete.


Model S
Tesla’s advanced electric powertrain delivers exhilarating performance. Unlike a gasoline internal combustion engine with hundreds of moving parts, Tesla electric motors have only one moving piece: the rotor. As a result, Model S acceleration is instantaneous, silent and smooth. Step on the accelerator and in as little as 3.0 seconds Model S is traveling 100 km per hour, without hesitation, and without a drop of gasoline. Model S is an evolution in automobile engineering.


2016 Ferrari California T
The California T, while a masterful modernization of the 2008 California also retains every essence of the legendary Ferrari DNA. The new turbocharged Ferrari V8 engine, a result of painstaking craft and cutting edge innovation is now back at the heart of our latest piece of artistry. Capable of razor sharp responsiveness, blistering performance with an exhilarating soundtrack, backed by turbo technology, it is in every respect a classic Ferrari engine. The re-innovated California T is a car worthy of any automobile aficionado or a discerning client seeking a majestically comfortable daily drive.


1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS
The Dino 246 GT was an evolution of the Dino 206 GT, with a larger V6 engine and a wheelbase lengthened by 60 mm. With the sales of the Dino 246 GT stable, Ferrari looked to increase its popularity still further by introducing an open version. The 246 GTS made its debut at the 1972 Geneva Motor Show and reactions were immediately very positive. The styling retained the individual, attractive lines of the 264 GT, with the added advantage of a practical targa top for open-air driving.