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The Asteroid Impact, followed by the Nuclear Winter will give birth to Free Land. Humanity will Survive.

Asteroid Impact courtesy of https://wpclipart.com/space/asteroid/asteroid_2/asteroid_impact_artist_illustration.png.html

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Free Land, where survivors built a better world.

The Asteroid hitting the earth, destroyed the Middle East. Then the Nuclear Winter arrived, as nations fought over scarce energy resources.

Pockets of Humanity survived unscathed.

They saw how the old ways destroyed much of the Earth and so they started to experiment.

Out the chaos, the idea of Free Land was incubated. It already had factories and institutes of high education. It had been a High Technology Artificial Intelligence Center. If was also self-sufficient with fresh uncontaminated under ground water. Power generation was Hydrogen based after the Nuclear Fusion Reactors were shut down. Most of the population had very high Tech skills.

The model for their new Free Land was the lost tribes in the Amazon Rain Forest. No need for Money. No need for work. No need for Government. No need for Taxes. No Banks.

Free Land prospered. It’s people developed the skills that they wanted. They spent time with their families.

Everything was shared equally. No Money Hoarding Billionaires, as all citizens knew that they were equal. No money, as goods and services were available to everyone at no cost. Each member of Free Land contributed what they could and when they could. Each person knew that they played an important part in the survival of Free Land.

While Humanity disappeared from large parts of the Globe, that small pocket of Humanity survived, worked and shared together and created a new way of living called Free Land.

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NASA’s EYES allows everyone to track in almost Real Time, space objects including the Asteroid 2012 DA14 which passed us on Feb 15.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

NASA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Asteroid 2012 DA14 passed Earth on Feb 15 2013. At approximately 14:25 it reached its closest point to the Earth. NASA’s calculation was spot on. They knew that even the our satellites would be safe.

One point which should not be forgotten, is that any object which crosses Earth’s path will eventually one day hit Earth itself. The next time that there might be a chance of an impact, with the Feb 15 2013 Asteroid, will be  in 2080.

It is thought that if an Asteroid was further away from Earth than our Moon, there was nothing worry about. Continue reading

An Asteroid will fly past Earth on Feb 15 2013. NASA calcs it will be very close, but it will not Hit Earth. Hope they are right.

Last year a Spanish home Astronomer apparently let the cat out of the bag. An Asteroid was spotted and a rough calculation was that it would either impact with Earth or be a real close shave. That news went around the world.

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