An Asteroid will fly past Earth on Feb 15 2013. NASA calcs it will be very close, but it will not Hit Earth. Hope they are right.

Last year a Spanish home Astronomer apparently let the cat out of the bag. An Asteroid was spotted and a rough calculation was that it would either impact with Earth or be a real close shave. That news went around the world.

NASA has updated their own calculations and it looks like Feb 15 is the date of arrival. Not real good news, since Feb 10th ushered in the Year of the Snake. That Water Snake may very well be venomous. According to NASA’s calculations, the Asteroid will fly closer to Earth than our own satellites. Talk about a close shave. I do hope that their calculations turn out to be correct. I wonder what the margin of error is?

Going back a few years, a major impact event was caught hitting one of our large planetary neighbors. There was not just “one” impact. It was a series. One hitting after another. Photos show that the result was major planet wide devastation.

That begs the question: Does our Feb 15 visitor have any friends tagging along behind???

Many Omens like the Mayan Calendar’s important date during the prior 2012 Winter Solstice, the Year of Water Snake is here and now a visitor from space. The rest of 2013 could be real interesting.

*** UPDATE *** Feb 15 2013 14:25. We survived.  I have a further update in a new post. It has some interesting info about a NASA simulation site, where you can track this Asteroid in near Real Time. If interested please CLICK HERE