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Liona Boyd new Tour Dates for CD launch of Liona Boyd The Return to Canada With Love

I’m sure you agree that Liona Boyd is one the most amazing Classical Guitarists in the world.

Lucky for us, she will be Touring southern Ontario this late Summer and Fall.

The new tour will coincide with the Sept 17th release of her latest album titled Liona Boyd The  Return… to Canada with Love. Continue reading


Liona Boyd music video of the final version of her new “Toronto Song”

Liona Boyd released her first album back in 1974. She has had a long and very successful career. Her latest soon to be hit, is called the “Toronto Song”. Continue reading

Photos of Liona Boyd performing at the Taste of the Danforth Festival in Toronto

Photo of Liona Boyd Performing at the taste of the Danforth. Photo credit Vincent Banial

Liona Boyd Performing at the taste of the Danforth. Photo credit

On Aug 09th, I headed down to the Taste of the Danforth Festival via Toronto’s Subway. A short walk east of the Chester Subway Station, I heard the sound of music and a familiar voice. Yes I arrived “fashionably late”, as usual. Continue reading

Liona Boyd. The world’s best Classical Guitar Player and “Canada’s Treasure”. 2013 Concert Dates update

In the Fall of Last year, I had received email asking about Liona’s Tour dates. I replied back to those emails and also posted a brief list of concert dates. Since we are now starting 2013, I figure that an updated list of concert dates is in order. Always glad to help out however I can.

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