Liona Boyd music video of the final version of her new “Toronto Song”

Liona Boyd released her first album back in 1974. She has had a long and very successful career. Her latest soon to be hit, is called the “Toronto Song”.

Listening to it, I was reminded of younger days riding the Red Rocket to Spadina.

Or taking the Subway to Yonge and Bloor, with buddies on New Years Eve. Then walking from there to Nathan Philips Square. All down Yonge Street we would meet and greet people, wishing everyone a Happy New Year. One long party from Bloor to Queen.

Next came the memories of family picnics in High park.

I also asked myself how long has it been, since I last visited Old Fort York.

Have a listen to Liona Boyd’s Toronto Song and let your mind fill with memories. Not many songs can do that. Very powerful lyrics.

The Toronto Song is also unifying. People from all over the world now call Toronto their home. We need more songs like this, which can help unify us.

Ok, ok, enough of my banter. The Music Video of the Toronto Song is courtesy of Liona Boyd and her YouTube Channel: