Order filled @ $7.62 ea for 1,000 shares of APHA (Aphrioa Inc) on NYSE this morning

The Buy order was filled this morning at $7.62  for 1,000 shares of Aphria Inc – symbol APHA on the NYSE. This stock also traded on the TSX in Toronto under symbol APHA.TO. I charted both and noted that the Momentum on the NYSE was stronger and so placed order there. The Momo would not impact the buy, but when I sell there could be more buyers in NY versus Toronto.

In hindsight, since the US markets were closed yesterday (May 27), but the TSX in Toronto was open, I should have bought at the Open on the TSX yesterday May 27. Trading in Toronto confirmed what my “After Work” Swing Trading ideas had indicated –  that APHA was breaking out.

APHA (Aphria Inc) Stock Chart

APHA (Aphria Inc) Stock Chart. Chart created by Stockalyze


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Posted by: Vincent Banial