Buying 1,000 shares of NVDA tomorrow May 14 at Open at Market

I’ll buy 1,000 shares of NVDA – NVidia tomorrow May 14 at Open at Market.

The stock markets have been hard hit thanks to US President Trump’s Tweets about more Tarrifis on Chinese Imports.

NVDA gapped Down today. It hit the long term Resistance level at around $158 to $160 and closed at ($158.03) the Resistance. CCI is in Oversold territory. My new strategy indicates do not buy. My gut says different, especially the gap down open today and then going lower to close at Resistance area. This is not a Technical nor Fundamental based buy – gut only. The candle bar today was long. I suspect overreaction because of the general bad mood the stock markets are in. This will be a short term Swing Trade.

Stock Chart of NVDA - NVidia on Nasdaq

Stock Chart of NVDA – NVidia on Nasdaq. Chart courtesy of

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Posted by Vincent Banial