US Cancer Death rates have fallen between 1% and 2% each year since 1991.

The American Cancer Society has reported that US Cancer Death Rates have fallen between 1% and 2% each year since 1991. That is an overall decease of 27% since 1991.

Click on his link to visit the Wiley Online Library to read the Cancer Journal for Clinicians and the published report titled: “Cancer statistics, 2019“.

You can download a PDF of that American Cancer Society report at the link above.

I suspect that the trend will continue as Medical Cannabis becomes legal in more States. Why? It has been shown that THC Oil (made from Cannabis) can be an effective treatment  protocol for some individuals and some Cancers. THC has been shown to kill cancer cells in lab studies. Human cases (not peer reviewed studies) have had THC inhibit the growth and metastasis of Lung Cancer for Example. THC Oil is credited with shrinking inoperable Brain Tumors is another example. As Cannabis becomes legal there, will be new Medical Studies done on it.

There is also another report which states that smoking in the US is at a record low. Fewer people smoking will result in fewer people getting Lung Cancer or Heart Disease and other complications due to smoking cigarettes. In the near future I will do a post on that report.



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