Pirate Queen of Academic Research Papers

Really insightful article about about who owns academic research online.

Over half of all research, according to one study, is now published by the big five of academic publishing. To view research papers one has to go thru a paywall and pay for access to each research paper.

Most academic research is funded by Governmental Agencies. So the Taxed payers pay for the research to be done. Ask yourself this question: Since Tax Payer money funded the Academic Research, then should all resulting research papers be available to read for free?”

Video is courtesy of the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation YouTube Channel

Unfortunately at present if you want to view the results and read the published research papers one has to pay the private publishers via website Paywalls to access the research papers.

A new alternative has appeared, that being Open Access: “free availability on the public internet,” Click on this line to visit PLOS ONE – an Open Access site

This really good article is about Alexandra Elbakyan, a gifted programmer, who setup Sci-Hub – a site where one can download research papers for free.

The major publishers of Academic Research papers make a fortune and see Open Access and Alexandra’s Sci-Hub as cutting into their profits and ability to Hoard ever More Money by raising prices. So they have sued Alexandra Elbakyan. The lawsuits have impacted Internet Service providers and some believe hinder a free and open Internet.

Click on this line to the visit The Verge website to read their article titled:

“Science’s Pirate Queen”.