Darel Carey creates Visual Illusions

Darel Carey does not use an Artist’s brush to create his amazing works of art. He uses Electical Tape to create Visual Illusions.

Darel Carey calls this Art Piece “Dimensionalizing the Studio“.

Video is courtesy of the Darel Carey YouTube channel

The following is from his Bio page on his website. It explains what he is trying to create:
Artist Statement 

Line sequences in varied configurations create an illusion of dimension. I call this Dimensionalization. Two dimensions can be perceived as three, and vice versa. On a two-dimensional space, a flat surface, many lines juxtaposed in varying distances at different points can be perceived as three-dimensional. In a three-dimensional space, following a similar concept, lines moving from the floor to the wall to the ceiling can appear to occupy space in mid-air from various vantage points, which creates a perceived topographical space, transforming the visualized landscape of an area. 

This dimensionalizing art compels you to look at a surface or a space differently, to contemplate your own perception and the environment around you. My goal is to navigate the line between what we see and what is, in hopes of better understanding the breadth of our visual perception.

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