The end of Shopping Malls. Retail Trends are changing.

Posted by Vincent Banial

Photo of a Shopping Mall by Michal Jarmoluk and modifed by Vincent Banial - licensed CC0

Photo by Michal Jarmoluk – CC0 License – modified by Vincent Banial

Every hundred years humanity changes. Huge wars start. Populations are displaced. New technology arrives and changes life as everyone knows it.

Robots are building things in factories, where humans once did the work. came and changed retail. Now others are following in Amazon’s footsteps. Consumers love the convenience of not having to leave their homes to buy goods. Robots are now also being used for Fast Food delivery.

Convenience is king. Big box stores are dying. Much like the horse and buggy trade died, when the automobile arrived. Along with dying Big Box Store Chains, the huge post-war Shopping Malls are closing and being torn down or abandoned as relics of a bygone era. People no longer want to drive to the mall. They can shop from the comfort of their home.

The Wall Street Journal has a great article discussing the changes in Retail Trends that have happened and new changes that are just around the corner. It’s a great read.

Click on the following Link to visit the Wall Street Journal’s website to read their article titled:
The New Shopping Hubs for Cities: Warehouse Distribution Centers
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