New Interview with Alannah Myles

Photo of Alannah Myles at Woodbine Park. Photo credit Vincent Banial

Copyright Vincent Banial has posted a new interview with Alannah Myles. Guess what, she has been working on a new album while running her own record label.

Alannah Myles holds a special spot with me. She is a gifted Singer and Songwriter. Love the music that she created. When I first started shooting concerts again and posting to the internet,  I had shot her concert at Woodbine Park (2011 I believe). The photo at the top of this post was taken at that concert.

After her set, the crowd went nuts when they saw her walking towards her car, which was parked by the north side of the stage.The next act was playing on stage and they looked flustered at all the noise the crowd was making. The audience was no longer watching the stage. They were looking and pointing to the car park area beside the stage.

Anyhow, after the concert I had sent some pics to her at the official Alannah Myles facebook page. She started to follow my facebook page (Alannah’s car license plate gave her away – I won’t say any more). I was using CLiK CLiK Vic because I had a Zenfolio website with that name. She mentioned my website and facebook page a number of times on her facebook page.  That was an extraordinarily kind gesture on her part. In the meantime, I had become addicted to following her facebook page. Alannah Myles is simply awesome. Really looking forward to her new Blues album.

Ok, enough of my banter. Please click on this link to visit the AnyLouder website to read their new interview with Alannah Myles.

Click on this line to visit the official website run by Alannah Myles.

Click on this line to visit the official facebook page of Alannah Myles.

Click on this link to visit the Wikipedia page which Alannah Myles had mentioned in her interview.

Posted by: Vincent Banial