Verizon Hum Rider

Posted by Vincent Banial

Verizon sells a product which they call the Verizon Hum. It provides features like Vehicle Diagnostics, Maintenance Reminders, a Mechanics Hotline, Pinpoint Roadside Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Assistance. Emergency Assistance, Vehicle Location, and Speed Alerts.

To help bring Verizon Hum to everyone’s attention, Verizon has also created a promotional vehicle which they call the Verizon Hum Rider.

Video is courtesy of the Hum Rider YouTube channel

The Verizon Hum is a useful additional for one’s car. The Verizon Hum Rider would be the daily Commuter’s Dream Come True.

IMHO this promotion machine shows the concept as being viable. This would be a great modification to add to EMS vehicles and Ambulances. Police cars with this type of mod could get to highway accident scenes.

If it works for a car, then add this mod to a Fire Truck. It would allow the Fire Truck to get to the scene of a major car crash, that had traffic backed up for miles.

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