John Goodenough and Maria Braga research on a New Solid State Battery design which stores 3x the power of a similar sized Lithium Ion battery and will charge in minutes

Posted by Vincent Banial

John Goodenough helped to develop the Lithium-Ion Battery. He and Maria Helena Braga are part of a team, which has designed a New Technology for High capacity, Fast-Charging and Noncombustible Batteries.

Such a battery could let one drive an electric car for up to 500 miles or more between battery charges. The battery could charge in the time it takes to order and eat a sandwich while drinking a cup of coffee at a roadside restaurant. The key safety feature is that the new battery design would not burst into flames if the battery is punctured

Photo of John Goodenough courtesy of UTNews The University of Texas at Austin

Click on this Link to visit The University of Texas at Austin to read the UTNews post Titled: “Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Introduces New Technology for Fast-Charging, Noncombustible Batteries”

The research paper titled “Alternative strategy for a safe rechargeable battery” by M. H. Braga,   N. S. Grundish,   A. J. Murchison, and   J. B. Goodenough was published in the research journal “Energy & Environmental Science”