Upgrade to Windows 10 stalled at 99%

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I tried to Upgrade a desktop to Windows 10 from Windows 7. It continued until it hit 99% complete and  stayed there. Rebooted and tried again and got the same result.

Checked on the internet and a Microsoft site suggested to uninstall all your Security software – Antivirus and Firewall as these may be preventing the completion.

Another non-Microsoft site suggested to disable Windows 7 updates (in control panel). I did that but it seems that the upgrade would never have gotten to 99%, if the Windows 7 Updates were the problem. I suspect that it was the Security Software was conflicting with the Windows 10 security software.

So I disabled Windows 7 updates. I uninstalled the firewall. I uninstalled the Antivirus. Restarted the Windows 10 upgrade. It worked.

There is also apparently a way to do the upgrade with a Windows 10 disk – via an ISO file download. I did not try that because if you mess up and end up doing a “clean install”, you may not get a “free” upgrade.

As for security, Windows 10 installs it’s own security software. I will check into how good it is and will probably install my own selected software.

Note, before you do the upgrade make sure that you have a backup or an image backup of your Windows 7 in case things go very wrong with the Windows 10 Upgrade. I used a free software program called System GoBack Free from Easeus. Click on this link to visit their web page.

Note that the free Upgrade to Windows 10 offer expires on July 29 2016. Click on this link to visit Microsoft’s website for more details about the Windows 10 Upgrade.

Hope this helps.

NOTE: I will shortly post about improving the Privacy of the Windows 10 install.

Posted by: Vincent Banial

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