Photo Gallery of “The Sheepdogs” concert at the Festival of Friends 2011

Since I found out that I can setup Portfolios on this site, I gave it shot.

I have uploaded a large gallery of Vincent Banial’s photos of “The Sheepdogs” performing at the Festival of Friends back in 2011. That concert was immediately after The Sheepdogs broke out into the mainstream via being on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.

The Festival of Friends had record crowds that night. I heard numbers of about 70,000 fans. On the bill were The Sheepdogs and also City and Colour. Because of the huge number of people at that concert I left during City and Colour‘s set. There were cars parked on the main road all the way up to the QEW (or is it called Hwy 403 by Ancaster). I’m so glad that I left early. It must have been mayhem when over 70,000 would have left all together that night.

The concert was great. The Festival of Friends is an amazing Festival. Wish that someone could copy it in Toronto. Well worth the drive to Ancaster every year. Free entry and cheap parking fee. Normally there is lots of parking. The night The Sheepdogs played in 2011 there was no parking. The lot was jammed. the roads were jammed. I did not see any parking tickets on the vehicles parked outside the FoF grounds, so even the Police were cool. Was a fun day and evening back i.n 2011.

You can view the photos from the Main Menu at the top of the Home page. The last Menu item is called Vincent Banial Photography Portfolio. Click on that to get you there.

Ok, to make it easier, just click on the large thumbnail photo below to take you to The Sheepdogs photo gallery. Once in the Gallery just click on the square Thumbnail photos to view the enlarged photos.

Photo of “The Sheepdogs” in concert at the Festival of Friends 2011

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