$38,000 One Way Airline ticket. New York to Mumbai

So how do you followup a post with videos of Real Humans giving food to Homeless people?

Lets see the other end of the spectrum. This post deals with the most expensive airline ticket in the world. The flight would be on an Etihad Airways A380-800 aircraft.

The regular folks sit in the lowe level. You get to travel in what Etihad Airways calls “The Residence”.

You get your own Living Room, your own Bedroom  and your own Bathroom with a working Shower. What more could you ask for. Well you also get your own “Butler” (professionally trained) and your own Chef to prepare your meal. It starts when you leave to go to the airport. You will be driven to the airport in a Limo. You will get express check in. You will get access to your own waiting lounge with bartender. Life can be good, at this other extreme of the spectrum.

Video is courtesy of the The Points Guy YouTube channel

The price for a flight from New York City to Mumbai is $38,000 US  (price is subject to change without notice – always check with Etihad Airways for the current price). That is one way only. Make sure to also book you return flight, which will bring your total to $76,000.00 US.

Click on this line to visit the Etihad Airways website to view some photos of “The Residence” and to order your ticket. Yes, I serious .. order your ticket.

When you return please email us with details of much you enjoyed your flight.


Posted by: Vincent Banial

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