Jeff Bezos of Amazon made over $6 Billion US Dollars today. How much did you earn today?

Amazon (AMZN) shares rocketed upwards today on Nasdaq. They were up over $75 on the day in after hours trading. I won’t worry about the change since it’s bouncing between $75.50 and $75.33

Jeff Bezos apparently owns 82.9 Million shares. So today (Apr 28) his Net Worth just rose more than $6 Billion US Dollars. Not bad for one day of work. That is not a mistake, his net worth went up “over” $6 Billion US Dollars. Hey Jeff can you spare a dime???

The Forbes site has his Net Worth at $53 Billion US Dollars and that is supposedly in Real Time (like the Real Time matters).

BTW, how much did your Net Worth go up today? Mine went down. No Joy.

Be happy for Jeff Bezos. Congrats Jeff – no seriously Congrats…

Posted by: Vincent Banial

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